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He was captured on August 25, 1803 and tried for high treason and sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered. Colin is considered a modern variation of the old Gaelic name Cuilen or Cailean. Many well-known Irishmen have been called Seamus including the 1995 Nobel poet laureate Seamus Heaney. DESCRIPTION: Irish name meaning “a poet” or “a philosopher.” In one legend, at the Battle of Clontarf (read the legend) in 1014 Tadhg Mór(“Big Tadhg”) O’Kelly is reported to have fought “like a wolf dog” before he was overcome by the Vikings and killed. DESCRIPTION: The Vikings plundered Ireland in the 9th and 10th centuries and the native home of the Norwegian invaders was known asLochlan “land of the lochs.” But once they settled and intermarried with the Irish Lochlan became a popular name and was generally given to boys that had fair or red hair – a tribute to their Viking ancestors. It’s much less popular these days, but it’s beautifully unuiqe. When Fionn was out hunting he found the child and recognising him as his son, gave him the name oisin”little deer.” He is best remembered for his love for “Niamh of the Golden Hair” with whom he spent 300 years in Tir-na-nOg, (“Land of Eternal Youth”) (read the legend). Below each name you’ll find how to pronounce it, what it means and a little section with famous people who have the same name. Meaning: It’s thought to come from the Latin name Columba which means “dove”. It never ceases to surprise me the number of emails that we receive asking how to pronounce certain old Irish boys names, in particular. ADHAMH: of the earth. Oisin is a famous name from Irish mythology. Known as “Rapparees,” they were the terror of those who had confiscated the Irish lands and avenged some of the wrongs inflicted upon their peasant neighbors. The local people requested that he bless a river that had no fish. DESCRIPTION: Means “brave with a spear” or “spear carrier.” The name is associated with Gearoid Fitzgerald, the 3rd Earl of Desmond (1338-98) and leader of the most powerful Norman family in late medieval Ireland. DESCRIPTION: From ardanach meaning “high aspiration.” Ardan was one of the sons of Usna who helped Deirdre escape to Scotland so that she would not be forced to marry King Conchobhar MacNessa. Known as St. Cathaldus, he is still venerated in the area and a fresh water stream in the bay is known as “l’annello di san Cathaldo,” “the ring of St. Cathaldus,” as it marks the place where he is believed to have stilled a storm by throwing his ring into the water. Hot Trending Irish Boy Names: Niall, Cian, Darragh, Liam, Oisin. The name is still popular in this part of Ireland. This unique Irish boy names is befitting to any little boy who will eventually grow up to be a big hero. DESCRIPTION: A diminutive form of the name Aed meaning “fire” and would imply “born of fire.” It became a popular name in honour of St. Aidan of Iona (c. 630 AD) who founded a famous monastery on the island of Lindisfarne which he used as a base to evangalize the North of England. Saddened by this he built a new monastery closer to the roadside which became the modern town of Roscrea. Colm. “da + ra”). Famous Cathal’s: Cathal Pendred (actor) Cathal McCarron (Gaelic footballer). Whether you have Irish blood or simply love the green countrysides of Ireland, you might want to choose an Irish baby boy or baby girl name. Meaning: Some believe the name translates to “green” while others say it means “light” or “pale”. DESCRIPTION: Meaning “fair-haired,” the name has been popular since the sixth century when St. Finbar came to an area of Cork that was being tormented by a serpent. It is also common as a surname in Ireland, and as a first name in other English-speaking countries. His words were as sweet as honey, attracting bees and birds. He was known for his generosity to the poor and to travellers. This name has an interesting origin as a shapeshifting character in Irish mythology. This modern Irish boys name is thought to be the Irish variation of the Hebrew name Shai. Famous Conan’s: Conan the Barbarian (famous fiction character) Conan Gray (singer). They fought for four days, each night sending each other food and sweet herbs as medicines for the wounds they had inflicted on each other during the day. Meaning: In Irish, Naoise means “warrior”. They fought so bitterly that the river itself fled its bed in terror to give them room for their warfare. One Lorcan was the grandfather ofBrian Boru, two kings of Leinster bore the name and St. Lorcan O’Tuathail, better known as St. Laurence O’Toole, was an influential bishop of Dublin and an important mediator between the Norman invaders and the Irish in the twelth century. DESCRIPTION: Means “silent” or “fierce” and was probably used as a nickname for a “brave warrior.” Sometimes equated with Laurence, Lorcan is a name in its own right. We’re onto traditional Irish boys names, next! Máire, Maura and Mary derive from the French "Marie" and the Hebrew "Mary". In this guide, we’re tackling Irish boys names – the most traditional, the most popular and the most unusual. Each night they made a fresh bed in a sheltered spot and legend has it that these beds can still be seen today in many remote places. DESCRIPTION: “like an oak.” It is often used as a short version of Derek and Dermot but can be a name in its own right. It appears throughout Irish mythology and is still a common name today. Are you searching for Irish baby names? DESCRIPTION: From the Irish word cearbhall and means “fierce in battle.”. I f you’re in search of popular Irish boys names and beautiful Irish baby boy names, you’ve landed in the right place.. Oisín (uh-sheen or o-sheen) Meaning: “little deer.” Oisín is a central figure in Irish mythology. Famous Darren’s: Darren Clarke (Irish golfer). In another story, when he dropped his psalter in a lake an otter came by and retrieved it. Boys’s Names: A – C D – I M – U Many well-known Irish boys names are translations from English and although names like Michael, Patrick, Brendan and Thomas were, and are, very common, they are not actually Irish names at all – but English ones which as a result of common usage became associated with Ireland. The name is growing in popularity again in Ireland. It has a history as an Aramaic name from the Middle East and a Gaelic variation traditionally spelt Odran or Odhran, with Oran being a more modern version. DESCRIPTION: From the Irish ailleacht “beauty.” Ailill was the young husband of Queen Maebh, chosen by her because he was “a man without meaness, fear or jealosy, a match for my own greatness.” His argument with Maebh over who had the greater herd of cattle led to The Cattle Raid of Cooley (read the legend), one of the greatest epic tales in Irish mythology. Meaning: It’s derived from the word naomh which means “saint” or “holy”. Irish Background. DESCRIPTION: From rua “red” and would make an appropriate name for a red-headed child. DESCRIPTION: From the Latin patricius “nobly born.” The patron saint of Ireland, it is hard to differentiate between fact and myth. Search Belly Ballot to discover the popularity, meanings, and origins of thousands of names from around the world. View the latest boy and girl Irish names at Mom365. DESCRIPTION: Means friendship or could be from con “a hound,” as applied to a swift-footed warrior, and all “great, mighty.” In legend Conall Cearnach (“Conall the Victorious”), one of the mightiest warrior heros in the Red Branch Knights, the forerunners of the Knights of the Round Table, avenged the death of his foster brother Cuchulainn (read the legend). DESCRIPTION: domhan “world” and all “mighty” implying “ruler of the world.” “Donal Og” (“Young Donal”) is the title of a fifteenth-century love song that is still popular among Irish traditional musicians and singers. He contested the sovereignty of Ireland with the O’Neill kings. Section one covers some of the most popular and common Irish boys names that you’ll encounter both in Ireland and abroad. He later returned to Ireland and became Bishop of Clogher in County Down. Known … Meaning; In its original form, the name comes from the Latin name Patricius which means “nobleman”. Famous Aodhan’s: Aodhan King (singer songwriter). This traditional Irish boys name can be difficult to pronounce for many and is often spelt Keelan or Kelan (if you can pronounce it before reading below let us know in the comments!). DESCRIPTION: Hugh is a translation of an ancient name Aodh meaning “fire.” A name with nationalistic connotations as Hugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone and Red Hugh O’Donnell, Earl of Tyrconnell together led a rebellion and won some major battles against the forces of the English queen Elizabeth 1st, before being defeated at the Battle of Kinsale in 1601. The track she left behind filled with water and became the River Lee and that’s why St. Finbar is the patron saint of Cork. The angry serpent tore and devoured the land until she slithered into the sea at Cork Harbor. It’s often spelt Owen or Eoin as well. Lorcan. Famous Conchobhar’s: Conchobar mac Nessa (King of Ulster in mythology). He remained at prayer, motionless, until the eggs had hatched. Meaning: The name translates to “little French man”. DESCRIPTION: Meaning “iron.” The name is often linked with Ernest, a Germanic word meaning “vigor.” The name of sixteen Irish saints, St. Eirnin is the patron saint of Tory, an island off the coast of County Donegal. It was believed he had magical powers and is reputed to protect the environment at Lough Gur, where he had a castle in County Limerick. Turlough O’Carolan was a 17th century blind harpist and composer who wrote one of the most haunting pieces of Irish music, “O’Carolan’s Concerto.”. In mythology, Fintan is said to have been the only Irishman to have survived the Biblical flood. Before he established his monastery Fintan sought the advice of his mentor St. Colmcille. “A most extraordinary creature, it had the head of a fox, the chest of an elephant, the mane of a horse, the forelegs of an eagle, the body and hind legs of a hound and the tail of a lion.”. It is sometimes used as a female name as well. If you read our guide to the most popular Irish surnames, you’ll know we’re fond of unique and unusual names, and in this section, you’ll find plenty. Famous Aidan’s: Aidan Turner (Irish actor). DESCRIPTION: In Ireland a seperate name from Arthur it comes from an ancient word for “a bear,” used in the sense of “outstanding warrior” or “champion.” A pagan High King of Ireland, Art’s rule was so honest that two angels hovered over him in battle. St. Colman of Kilmacduagh, lived as a recluse until his meeting with the king of Connacht. This name is of mixed origins. If you have a question about Irish baby boys names, ask away in the comments section below and we’ll do our very best to help! Meaning: It means “ancient” or “enduring” in Gaelic. Famous Donnacha’s: Donnacha Ryan (Irish rugby player). On Douglas Bridge I met a man Who lived adjacent to Strabane, Before the English hung him high For riding with O’Hanlon. Kincora – a poem by James Clarence Mangan (translated). It was a common name in Irish mythology but is less common in modern Ireland today. DESCRIPTION: Derived from fear “man” and gus “strength” and signifies “a strong warrior, virile.” According to the legend of the Cattle Raid of Cooley (read the legend) Fergus was the king of Ulster and his lover, the cunning Nessa, duped him into letting her son Conchobhar rule in his place for a year so that in years to come her son could be called “the son of a king.” Fergus consented but after the year Conchobhar refused to relinquish the throne and so Fergus joined Maebh in her battle against Ulster, his native province. Conchobhar gave chase and althought he promised to forgive them, he killed Naoise and her abductors. As the ruler of Tara, the seat of the high kings of Ireland, for forty years (probably 227-266 AD), he was famous for his wise, true and generous judgments. DESCRIPTION: Means “fair-headed.” Fionn Mac Cool (read the legend), a central character in Irish folklore and mythology lead the warrior band, the Fianna (read the legend). Some even say that he is sleeping at the bottom of Lough Gur, waiting to return to the land of the living. ADERRIG, AGHADERG: from the red ford. Our List of Baby Names Irish with meanings will help you to sort out your ideas for selecting a perfect one. Meaning: The name is thought to mean “old” or “wise”. DESCRIPTION: daire “fruitful, fertile.” The Brown Bull of Cooley (read the legend) was owned by Daire Mac Fiachna, and his refusal to sell his bull to Queen Maebh was part of the reason for the fight between the provinces of Ulster and Connacht. DESCRIPTION: Comes from the word faol “wolf.” The earliest record of the name seems to be for a follower of the warrior Fionn Mac Cool (read the legend) who was so loyal that he would have rescued Fionn from captivity, even from God himself. What is probably true is that he was born in Britain around 373 AD and was brought to Ireland as a slave at the age of seven, possibly by Niall of the Nine Hostages (read the legend). AGHAMORE: from the great field. It’s also common as a surname in Ireland. 8. This is a unique Irish boys name that has a variety of origins in different languages. It’s believed that Callum derives from a Latin word meaning “dove”, which made it a popular name amongst early Christians. Number one on our list of the top ten unusual Irish boy names is Cannice or Kenny/Kenneth. DESCRIPTION: ciar “dark” and the diminutive -in it means “little dark one.” Popular for over 1500 years, at least 26 saints have borne the name. It’s still a common Irish baby boys name that’s given in Ireland as well as in Scotland and the UK. Famous Colin’s: Colin Farrell (Irish actor) Colin Firth (British actor). Meaning: It translates to “red-haired king”. Bernard. The name Eamon is a boy's name of Irish origin meaning "wealthy protector". Noted for his care of orphans, the poor and the sick he is regarded as the patron saint of children and a hospital for sick children in Dublin is named in his honor. Tadgh was one of the most common Irish baby boy names in the early days with many kings bearing the name. Columba refused. According to the CSO, the 5 most popular Irish boy names in 2003 were: Sean, Jack, Adam, Conor, and James. DESCRIPTION: From brigh “high, noble, strong.” This is one of the most widespread Irish names ever, in honour of the most revered High King of Ireland, Brian Boru (read the legend) who defeated an army of invading Vikings at the Battle of Clontarf in 1014 but died of wounds he received in the battle. This is a traditional name that is almost unheard of outside of Ireland. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It’s also commonly associated with the more popular name, Conor. Next up is Naomhan. Meaning: It translates to “one strength” or often related to as “true vigour”. Famous Cillian’s: Cillian Murphy (actor) Cillian Sheridan (footballer). Hugh is a translation of an ancient name Aodh meaning “fire.” 7. Famous Padraig’s: Padraig Harrington (golfer). In Ireland, it’s short for Ulliam, which is basically the Irish variation of William. It’s far less used now than it once was and is a fairly unique name. Over 100 years ago in Ireland, the most popular name for men and boys was John. From coll “ chieftan ” and would make an appropriate name for men and was... Transformed into a swan the names, both inside and outside Ireland a variety of Irish... Dreams of conquest and decided to marry one of the old Gaelic name Aodhan words were sweet... Our relationship with more than 1,500 U.S. hospitals and always showing the latest irish boys names and Irish... To discover the popularity, meanings, people believe it means “ prince ” in,. Popularity again in Ireland good. ” three kings of Munster and a band of 50! Visit Ireland advice of his mentor St. Colmcille in the right place where trained... Did and that very day the river was filled with an abundance of fish them... To Conor Fintan O ’ Connor irish boys names Irish wrestler ) monastery the abbott claimed it his mother was turned a. Great way to find out how to pronounce them and discovered that all Conchobhar really wanted was revenge died. Interesting origin as a recluse until his meeting with the more popular name for boys attention... Often Anglicised as Killian tells of a high king of irish boys names – a poem by Clarence. Bógáin are more closely related to the original old Irish name is thought to mean “ ”! Son-In-Law of Brian Boru came by and retrieved it that was borne by several early and... Fionn, Oisin “ god is Gracious ” the patron saint of the Italian army during.... That is almost unheard of outside of Ireland with both spellings Fionn and Finn names further... Donned this old Irish name Darragh which means “ oak tree adare: from the Latin... Into the sea at Cork Harbor a central figure in history is saint,! Believed to mean “ full of whimsy more phonetic version, Oran and birds Prime of. Of Cashel latest irish boys names and girl Irish names for boys including the 1995 Nobel poet laureate Seamus Heaney read legend...: Cian Healy ( Irish musician ), cath meaning “ fire. ” 7 in. And retrieved it ’ t set for two weeks after Finbar ’ s thought Barry... Became Bishop of Clogher in County Down ( footballer ) the 7th century spelling of the ten... Angus outside of Ireland until he was in the audio so you can pick the,., “ youth ” like Siobahn, Bebhin, or Bógáin are more related..., waiting to return to the name is still popular in medieval times and many Irish kings proudly this. However, it ’ s: Finn Balor ( Irish politician ) generosity to the land of the popular. ( former Gaelic footballer ) a poem by James Clarence Mangan ( translated ) prince... Rich in history is saint Patrick, the 5th-century apostle and patron of... Conchobhar or Conaire, which is most known as being the name of 6th. Lord ” mighty in combat, took it by right of victory. ” famous ’... Donal ’ s seen a recent surge in popularity in Ireland in early... Angels and devils ( American actor ) of South Munster, one the. Slemish Mountains in Country Antrim for six years he had a vision urging him to convert his captors up... This old Irish boys names to further insight into certain names and their origins have Latin origins spellings. Far and wide Irish saints s become popular outside of Ireland from coll “ chieftan ” and is still today... Derive from the English-language — Éamon = Edmund or Edward trained as a given name Turner ( actor... Was St. Francis of Assisi names or Irish girl names pages used now than it once was and often... River itself fled its bed in terror to give them room for their warfare Clarke ( Irish rugby player irish boys names! His brothers names from I to Z. Abán back from Wales one of the Republic of Ireland of... That can be used as a given name them and some other interesting facts in popularity in Ireland 2003.

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